5 Reasons Why You Should Read ‘Me Before You’

Want your poor heart break a little and smile a little? I’ve felt that during and after reading Jojo Moyes‘s bestselling novel, Me Before You. And that’s why I also want you to experience this feeling that only this heart-breaking and mind-opening book could give you. 

Here’s 5 reasons why you should read my new favorite book, Me Before You:


  1. It will really really make you cry. This book really moved me to tears. How many pail of tears have you shed over the pain of watching/reading The Fault In Our Stars? 3? 4? 5? Well, if you’re planning to read–and I recommend you read–Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, prepare 10.  

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2. You will surely fall in love with its characters. I fell in love with Will Traynor, who comes off as rigid and doesn’t want to talk to people much, but his being ‘arse’ is nothing compared to the charm of the chatty and bubbly Louisa Clark(who Will still prefers to call Clark even she always insisted to be called Lou, which I find cute and sweet. Haha!). 

Watching drama. Handsome young men looking bored while women cry
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  3. The movie is coming and you should want to be prepared. Do you hate to cry in front of other people? Reading the book will not prevent you from crying over the movie, but it will prepare your heart and make you sob less, at least.


   4. It will open your mind about love and life. This book is not really about romance. It’s about real friendship and living life to the fullest. Reading this will make you understand that love is not like what we usually think it is, and your life is about how you want it to be not what other people think it should be.


5. Because after reading this, you are going to want to live your life to the fullest. The story was so moving, and after reading it I just stared at the wall for 15 minutes and rethink about my life. It took me days to move on. It made me realize that we don’t  decide for other people; that we have our own inner battles and perspective. We have a choice on how to live our life… and true love is when you want someone to make as much experiences as she/he can in this life and for her/him to witness all the beautiful things this world could offer.


Have you read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes? If so, what are your thoughts? I would be very happy to see you on my comment box. If not, you can order the book here.


18 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Read ‘Me Before You’

  1. Just saw the movie. It’s a formula flick for sure, but so well made I didn’t care. Bring your hankies, enjoy beautiful young people looking good, lovely English countryside, and even a castle. If you just want to forget your troubles and have a pleasant couple of hours this is your film.
    Joanna, movie super-snob
    Author, Living Well with Chronic Illness

    PS: I promise to buy the book and read it.

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  2. May be I am too late for buying this book but for sure and at any cost i’ll be buying it because I prefer reading a book rather than watching its movie beforehand. Thank you that you made us aware of this book😊

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