6 Things I Like About The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye is a Young Adult Fantasy Book where 2 enchanters are forced to participate in a game, and in order to have a winner, one of them should die. The two enchanters will showcase their magic and whoever declared as winner would become the Imperial Enchanter.  

Here are 6 things I like about this book:


1.) The story takes place in Russia. Reading this made me want to live in there. Evelyn Skye did a great job in helping the readers imagine the setting. It made me want to visit St. Petersburg so bad! It left me daydreaming about going there, if only I can evanesce myself like Vika. 😦


2.) It has Enchanters, King, Queen, Princess, Prince… and Zombie. This book is just full of fantasy! I feel like i have somehow lived their lives, what an experience! 🙃 



3.)It has magic, a duel, and a love triangle. There’s a lot of things going on but they all fit in the story. Having these led me to write number 4:


4.) It is not boring, and definitely an easy read. It is one helluva page-turner! I just can’t put it down. The flow of the story is so smooth, you’ll lose track of time.


5.) Cool main characters. Who would not fall in love with Pasha(the heir to the throne who often sneaks out of palace to be with the people) and Nikolai(the charming, gentleman enchanter and Pasha’s best friend)? I love them both but it is Vika I love the most. Nikolai even described her as a mythological creature among the ordinary humankind. *awee* I want someone to think of me as that, too!


6.) It taught me many things about Love, Forgiveness, and Decisions. This book will break your heart and it will also make it whole– like MAGIC. It made me realize that love makes people willing to sacrifice. Like what it is said in the book, “there is no wisdom in love“. And when it comes to decisions, never ever let your emotions get ahead of you, because “forgiveness doesn’t come so easily“. *sobs*




Reader’s outburst:

– I don’t know why I happened to read this. I don’t know how to conclude of its ending. Evelyn Skye is cruel, just because she made my heart ride a roller coaster, albeit I learned a lot about love, friendship, and humanity. I’M JUST NOT PREPARED.

Well, if you happen to bump into Evelyn Skye, stab her with the “Knife That Won’t Miss“, and if it feels like impossible to do, I’ll just “imagine, and it shall be. There’s no limit”. *evil laugh* *just kidding*

RATING:  5/5 

Hi! Thanks for reading. Have you read The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, you can order the book here.


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