Dear God’s Best


I know we feel like we already met, we just don’t know who. 

I know and I feel that this is not yet the time for us to know because true love comes at the age of 25 and up.

I know, because God said so.

I know because we’re still both immature.

I know, because I’m still busy studying and it’s not yet the season.

I hope and I pray you won’t settle for less.

That you won’t settle for a fling, and won’t let your emotions get ahead of you.

That you won’t stop believing that your waiting will soon be worth it.

Because it really is worth it.

We deserve freedom and time in our relationship, which we will not get now because we’re still just building ourselves.

We deserve those careless and fun moments where we can freely go wherever we want.

We deserve peace.

We deserve feeling proud for having waited so long because now, we have each other.

We deserve each other because we both have prepared ourselves to be deserving.

We deserve independence and enjoyment, because we’re both in the right age.

We deserve understanding and value, because we’re both mature enough.

We deserve long rides, good reads.

We deserve losing track of time.

We deserve our parents being proud of us for whatever we accomplished and will soon accomplish.

We deserve making each other proud, because we finally knew the thing we love.

We deserve long talks, because we have 25+ years to talk about.

I hope you will be patient enough, and never cease to serve Him while you wait.

I hope you will always keep in mind, that when God blesses, there’s no trouble that comes with it.

I hope you will always have in heart that things are always better when you’re ready.

Because you need to learn to be whole by yourself, through Him.

Because I don’t want someone who gives his heart easily because he still can’t comprehend how big God’s love for him is.

Because I don’t deserve someone who excites love but doesn’t really know what it really is.

Because I don’t deserve someone who settles for less.

Because I won’t settle for less.



And because I am no less,

I am your God’s Best.  


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